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Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy is a process of discovery and change where clients are able to explore their experience in a safe and non-judgmental environment and potentially come to new understandings, which may lead to lasting change. Therapy is not magic and, as with anything, to make a lasting change requires practice and intention. While there may be some profound discoveries occurring in the therapeutic environment, that is only usually one hour out of a week and the real work is done while we are living our lives and practicing the kind of life we desire. A therapist can help you process your life and potentially bring you closer to the life you prefer, and a therapist cannot live your life for you.
My fee is $100 per hour session. The interns that work for me typically charge $80 per hour session. We are open to a conversation around a sliding scale to meet the needs of our clients. I also accept a variety of insurances. I accept Cash or checks for any payments.
The insurance panels of which I am a part are as follows: Anthem Blue Cross, Cigna, Blue Shield of California, Molina, Care First, Aetna Better Health, MediCal, HealthScope, and Tribal.
You can call your insurance company directly and ask them about your coverage. If your insurance requires an annual deductible, please ask if this has been already been paid. Some insurance companies will provide you with an authorization number. Please bring in your insurance card (as well as any information given to you regarding your outpatient treatment) on your first visit with us. If needed, I may also be able to assist in getting any questions answered, and I encourage you to get as much information as you can so as to avoid any future dilemmas.
It is my view that there is no set amount of sessions that fits for every person as the challenges that people face are varied and everyone is at a different place in their journey. Some clients may only be looking to focus on a specific circumstance and want to gain a wider perspective, while others may want to do more deep introspection. I do not believe it is up to me to decide when someone has gotten what they need from this process, and I will always check-in to be sure that the needs are being met. In the end, the idea is for my clients to feel comfortable engaging in their life on their own and trusting themselves to live the life they choose. That all being said, there may be restrictions based on insurance, but this is not something that I have seen very often.
Typically, a session lasts 50 minutes and 1 hour. It should be noted that the standard session is 50 minutes, and if it goes longer, that will be for me to decide. However, if it goes beyond the hour, I may charge for the extra time. This is not something that happens often.
While there are a few exceptions to this, everything that is said in therapy remains confidential (secret) between the client and the therapist. This is a very important aspect of therapy as this helps to create the space for trust, which is essential in the process of exploration. I am bound by the HIPPA laws and would face severe consequences should that confidentiality be broken. The only exceptions to this is if I hear about child abuse, elder abuse, or the abuse of a dependent adult, I have to make a report. Or, if I hear that someone is in danger of killing themselves or someone else, I also have to make a report. In certain circumstances, I may also be subpoenaed by the court, but this is a very rare and specific situation that can be discussed should it occur.