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Balance is not necessarily a consistent state of being, it takes work and attention, using our human awareness to recognize when we are feeling unbalanced so that we may take the necessary steps to readjust. I believe wholeheartedly in every human being’s ability and right to find peace in their lives and in my conversations with those who choose to join me, I work to help them understand how they can create the kind of peace they are looking for in life.

Whether it is at work or at home or simply in the world at large, we are often faced with challenges that we must overcome in order to move forward.  In fact, simply being human presents us with the challenge of managing emotions, and interacting with others, and coping with the stress of all that life puts in our path.  In my work, I strive to help people be empowered to find their own way forward, whether in romantic relationships or individual struggles, discovering that they alone have the power to free themselves of suffering.  I believe we all have the ability to persevere, and sometimes we might all benefit from a little extra support. I look forward to being that support for you and helping you find the path to peace in your life.

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